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Dedicated communication channel rental

Transfer large amounts of data with maximum speed and reliability.

Dedicated communication channels can significantly increase the speed and reliability of access to your data.

Dedicated communication channels are needed in order to securely connect all your points of presence with the hardware located in the data center.

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In addition, you can combine several different branches and build a private corporate communications network – VPN (Virtual Private Network). With the help of VPN you can increase the work speed of your employees, exchange and processing of information, as well as ensure the reliability and security of data transmission.

Depending on your requirements, we are ready to provide channels to the largest point of presence of MMTS-9 operators or build individual point-to-point routes.

Moreover, DataPro Data Center is an official partner to MSK-IX and can provide direct connection to its terminals and engine rooms.

Communication channel rental services are provided on Cisco hardware. Cisco is the world leader in IT equipment and hardware for business

All the components of DataPro network infrastructure are duplicated, which completely eliminates disruption in the operation of communication channels.

DataPro channel bandwidth reaches the speed of 70 Gbps, which greatly exceeds the average bandwidth of our competitors’ channels.

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