Engine room rental

Do you have a large-scale business or planning to expand your IT structure globally? We offer services of renting an individual engine room.

Renting an entire engine room is an excellent solution for large corporate companies and those tho want to organize their own data center on the grounds of DataPro.

If you clearly understand the growth rate of the company then renting an engine room gives you guarantees for the rapid scaling of your business.



  • Complete isolation of the engine room. Only the client or their staff are allowed inside
  • We fulfill all standard and non-standard security requirements, including the organization of video surveillance and biomentic access system
  • All the technical equipment in the room that requires regular maintenance is placed beyond the limits of the
  • Modern gas fire extinguishing system (automatic smoke detection without damage to equipment)
  • A long-term rental agreement is made so that our customers do not worry about the availability and guaranteed access to resources for expanding their business.

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