Save critical data from any site with cloud backup.

Cloud Backup service at Technoserv Cloud allows you to safely store and quickly restore any object and data volumes.

Cloud Backup service at Technoserv Cloud is for anyone who wants to protect themselves against unforseen risks: system crashes or viruses leading to loss of information and other backup problems.


You can independently manage the processes of creating backups in the cloud through the control panel. Moreover, you can configure both the frequency of backup creation and the time of storage based on your needs.

Advantages of Cloud Backup:

  • data transmission confidentiality (all data is encrypted)
  • individual backup script (you choose a schedule convenient for you)
  • create backup copies from any site (regardless of where your data is located – in a cloud at Technoserv Cloud or on your own site)
  • create backup copies of any data types

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