August 12, 2014, Moscow. DataPro, the Russian world-class data center network operator, and the Acronis company, the global leader in the field of next-generation data protection for backup, emergency restoration and secure data access on mobile devices, announced the beginning of strategic cooperation.

As a part of the massive campaign on launching effective products for corporate clients and private users, Acronis selected DataPro as its strategic partner to support the IT infrastructure for the provision of cloud services in Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. The DataPro Tver Data Center, having Tier III Certification by Uptime Institute and meeting all the requirements for reliability and fault tolerance imposed by Acronis to their data centers around the globe, became the first Acronis platform for data storage systems in Russia. There are Acronis data centers in Boston, Strasbourg and Singapore; Tokyo and Frankfurt are in the pipeline.

“Today’s businesses treat data storage in other regions with caution,” says Stanislav Protasov, co-founder and vice president for development of Acronis. We can even talk about the so-called “Snowden effect”: after the now famous incidents involving information security, the risks associated with such data storage have become particularly acute. Customers and businesses prefer to trust reliable partners who not only offer web hosting services, but also provide cloud solutions with an increased level of information security. In this context the opening of the entire network of data centers is a logical step for Acronis, especially due to the fact that corporate clients usually prefer not to transfer data from one region to another.”

Evgeny Bogdanchikov, DataPro Executive Director: 
“We are very pleased to work with Acronis, one of the world leaders in the field of data storage. Selection of DataPro as a strategic partner of Acronis in Russia serves the basis for recognition of our data centers network as corresponding to high Acronis requirements to sites for its IT infrastructure worldwide. Given the type of Acronis’s line of activity, security of data storage and backup are critical, and the Acronis’s selection of DataPro confirms the high standards of reliability of our data centers.

The Acronis hosting network development is designed to support cloud services based on AnyData proprietary technology, which provides full protection of all devices, operating systems, virtual environments and applications. AnyData products cover the full range of customers, from individual customers to large businesses and service providers that provide backup services in the “cloud.” Such solutions as Acronis True Image, Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup as a Service, allow you to completely or partially transfer the backup copies storage in the “cloud” environment without compromising the security and sustainability of the entire system.

Thanks to the high-speed main communication channels which enter the DataPro Tver Data Center, it was possible to increase the speed of access to data in the cloud significantly for Russian customers of Acronis, providing speed several times higher than the access speed of many servers in Europe.

High professional skills of DataPro engineers will allow for project implementation in the nearest future, ensuring that Acronis is one of the first providers of similar solutions with possibilities to offer its customers the storage of data in Russia.


Acronis – a world leader in the field of new generation data protection solutions, with solutions for backup, emergency recovery of data and systems, and secure access to data. The Company’s products are used by more than 5 million individual users and 300 thousands of corporate customers in 130 world countries. Acronis offers simple, efficient and reliable backup solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, as well as solutions for secure access to data on mobile devices. Acronis’s products are based on the unique technology of Acronis AnyData Engine, which makes it easy to use Acronis solutions for any company and allows you to scale the solution while the infrastructure and business are growing.

For more information, please visit http://www.acronis.ru

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