The DataPro flagship data center located in Moscow was awarded Tier IIIDesign Certification on the Fault Tolerance Level by Uptime Institute (UI). The first stage of the data center (400 racks) will be launched before the end of August.
This was announced by the Company’s press service.

DataPro Moscow One Data Center with a total area of 16 thousand sq. m. is located at Aviamotornaya Street. It will become the largest data center not only in the Moscow metropolitan area, but also throughout Eastern Europe. This data center is designed for 3,000 racks total rated to over 20 MW. Construction of the capital data center began in February 2014. Before the end of August the first stage of data center, designed for 400 racks, will be opened. The second stage of equal dimensions will be ready by the end of October.

The Data Center located at Aviamotornaya Street is one of Russia’s most ambitious projects in the industry of data stogage, said Alexey Soldatov, Director General of DataPro. Thus, Uptime Institute Certification is a logical step in the Company’s development. “By the end of the year we plan to begin the process of obtaining the Uptime Institute Certification subject to Facility Sustainability both for the Moscow data center, and the Tver data center,” he mentioned. According to him, in 2015 all operating processes of the data center will get Operational Sustainability Certification. “Two DataPro employees already have been accredited as Accredited Tier Specialists,” he said.

Another DataPro data center is located in Tver and is certified according to Tier III international standard by Uptime Institute. The Data center was commissioned in November 2013 and designed for 400 racks with a total capacity of 4.5 MW (see ComNews article dated August 13, 2014).

Before the end of the year, the Company will choose a location for its third data center. “Most likely it will be the second facility in Moscow, as our customers have a deep need to preserve 100% their data at that site, which would be more convenient in terms of transport accessibility,” said Evgeny Bogdanchikov, the Executive Director of DataPro, in mid-August.

DataPro’s data center is in the top 3 largest commercial data centers in the Moscow region, said Ekaterina Andreyeva, ComNews spokeswoman for Technoserv group of companies. “The newest leading commercial data center in the region, according to its specification, shall be the Avantage Data Center, construction of which was initiated by Avantage and Technoserv in late 2013,” she said. It is planned to use the Avantage Data Center for 2200 racks, its capacity will be 20 MW. Ekaterina Andreyeva believes that Tier III is sufficient to meet the requirements of customers for commercial data centers. Therefore, she explains, in Russia there are practically no data centers of top-level Tier IV Certification (Technopark-Mordovia Data Center, built by the same TECHNOSERV is the only exception; see ComNews article dated November 19, 2013).

One of the most notable trends in the market of commercial data centers is the tendency for data centers consolidation. “According to analysts, it is due to increased competition in this market segment as well as because of existing forecasts of significant sector growth. Such forecasts are mainly based on the general increase in volume of data as well as on the fact that in July of this year, the State Duma approved the bill requiring storage of Russian citizens’ personal data processed via the Internet in the territory of Russia during the second and third readings,” summarized Andreyeva.

source: http://www.comnews.ru/node/87003#ixzz3En4EJPQs

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