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Acronis posted first data of its corporate and individual customers in the DataPro data center located in Russia.

This was stated yesterday by Alexey Badayev, Acronis vice-president of marketing and sales in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe during the press conference dedicated to the start of the strategic cooperation between the two companies.

According to him, the DataPro data center (DC) is located in Tver and certified according to the international standard Tier III by Uptime Institute. Data center was commissioned in November last year and is designed for 400 racks with a total capacity of 4.5 MW.

“The new data center will be the addition to the existing Acronis platforms in Boston, Strasbourg, Tokyo and Singapore,” said Alexey Badayev.“With the launch of the data center in Russia, Acronis customers will receive individual local technical support, will feel a much higher transfer rate due to the territorial proximity of the data storage servers – seven times faster – and will be able to store data in the territory of Russia.

According to Stanislav Protasov, Acronis co-founder and senior vice president for the Company’s development, businesses treat data storage in other regions with caution. “We can even talk about the so-called “Snowden effect”: after the famous spy scandal, the risks associated with such storage, have become particularly evident,” said Stanislav Protasov.

He also mentioned that Customers and businesses prefer to trust reliable partners who not only offer web hosting services, but also provide cloud solutions with an increased level of information security.
“We are very glad to work with Acronis – one of the world leaders in the field of data storage,” said Evgeny Bogdanchikov, DataPro executive director. “Security of data storage and backup are critical, and the Acronis selection of DataPro as a strategic partner in Russia confirms conformity of our data centers to high standards for IT infrastructure layout”.

He also added that in the III quarter of this year, the Company plans to launch a data center in Moscow. The new data center will be designed for 3,000 racks, and its capacity will be 20 MW.

“In addition, before the end of the year we will select a place for the third data center. “Most likely it will be the second facility in Moscow, as our customers have a complete need to preserve 100% of their data at that site, which would be more convenient in terms of transport accessibility,” concluded Evgeny Bogdanchikov.

Microsoft, which also provides cloud services for data storage, cooperates closely with local hosting companies, such as Softline, Infobox, .masterhost and some others for a long time.

“The company also collaborates with telecom operators that offer a variety of cloud services on the basis of Microsoft’s solutions directly from own data centers. So, Microsoft and Rostelecom, OJSC have a joint project of cloud office service – “Virtual Microsoft Office”, said a representative of Microsoft to a reporter of ComNews.

According to Sergey Shavkunov, the executive director of J’son & Partners Consulting (J&P), strategic alliances of providers of online cloud services and providers of ICT infrastructure (commercial data centers and network operators) are rather promising.

“As a rule, these are long-term partnerships that require some investments from both sides. It was recently announced about co-operation of “Rostelecom” OJSC and SAP, and SAP in this alliance acts exactly as a provider of cloud services. And partnership of two companies – DataPro and Acronis – clearly is not the last case of such strategic alliance,” said Sergey Shavkunov in his interview to ComNews.

“And the prospect of such co-operation or alliances is not only due to requirements of some legislative acts on the localization of the storage and processing of personal data,” he added. “The fact is that for the provision of cloud and online services, those critical for business in particular, there should be an adaptive ICT infrastructure with the ability to control it from the application services,” said Sergey Shavkunov. “If to say it in plain English, we need an ICT infrastructure adaptable to the services, and not vice versa,” he summarized.

According to him, the Russian market of cloud services, including cloud data storage, is just making its first steps. In monetary terms, the volume of services provided to the customers in Russia in 2013, for instance, cloud computing services and data storage in the cloud (IaaS), can be estimated at approximately $ 50 million, says Shavkunov.

“During the next five years, we expect the volume of server capacities and disc space in use (specifically of those provided in the “cloud service” format) to be many times higher than it is now, due to a decrease in the volume of consumption of physical server-related and SAN/DSS equipment by the end users, both corporate and individual,” assumes the J&P representative.

source: http://www.comnews.ru/node/86855#ixzz3En5XWaes

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