Customized Solutions / Backup Data Center

The main risk for many companies and government agencies is the loss or inaccessibility of data, and even if the information is stored and processed in a modern and high-tech data center there is not 100% guarantee of business continuity.

In order to protect your business from the influence of various force majeure circumstances associated with IT infrastructure, we offer a reliable solution - backup data center creation. The main purpose of the backup data center is to ensure the continuity of IT infrastructure in the event of partial or complete failure of the main data center.

With DataPro data center network you have the opportunity to create your own geographically distributed data center architecture using one DataPro platforms to layout basic IT systems, and the second DataPro platform or our national and international partners DCs for a fully or partly duplicated set of equipment. This is how DataPro provides reliable backup continuity of your IT systems. Or, if you already have a main data center, you can simply use DataPro platforms for backup equipment.

Tver data center is located at the distance of 165 km from Moscow, and, together with the Moscow data center, can be used as a remote data center for the construction of complex disaster-proof solutions.

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