Customized Solutions / Common Area Perimeter Protection

Internal security service policies of some companies and enterprises place specific requirements on access restriction, including the Customer’s equipment layout in the common area. This is often an obstacle to the IT infrastructure exportation on the territory of the commercial data centers.

In our data centers, there are no restrictions on the implementation of various options for fencing the Customers' rack spaces. For this, we have a multi-level system for limiting physical access, where there are at least four areas: the outside perimeter (access to the territory), the inside perimeter (access to the building), the access area into the process rooms, the access area to the Customer's server racks.

On request, we are ready to provide any necessary area (m²) and capacity (kW) followed by its isolation by means of metal enclosures construction with various structural options:

Fencing of row of racks with hinged doors (Figure 1). This solution allows using adjacent rack spaces, their value (excluding power supply) will be included in the monthly cost of services under the agreement


Fencing group of racks with sliding grids (Figure 2). If this solution is chosen, the additional rack spaces are not used and installation of fences in no way affects the cost of monthly services under the agreement.

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